In our last specialized moving venture we shipped electronics from Acton, Massachusetts to North Dallas, Texas. Our clients at the time were curious about why we wrapped all of their electronics in pink bubble wrap. They had never seen this practice before. With all of Boston IT movingthe intricate details and delicate nature of electronics, moving them can lead to severe (and costly) damage if not done correctly. Our solution is in the pink bubble wrap.

Our specialized material is the color it is because it is specially treated to have anti static qualities. Many electronics are prone to what is called electrostatic discharge. ESD is caused by the buildup of static electricity. When materials travel over long distances this static electricity builds up, and eventually causes electrical shorts, or a complete electric breakdown. ESD can cause you to lose memory, data and money.

As seasoned Boston IT movers we have come across a lot of customers who aren’t familiar with electrostatic discharge. Not knowing about the packing material your electronics are shipping in can be very costly when it comes to damages. We here at Brookline Transportation Co assure then we use only the finest of anti-static treated materials! Using that pink bubble wrap gets your electronics from point a to b safely and securely. Just as we did with our most recent customers move to Dallas! If you are looking for experienced electronics movers look no further, contact us for a free quote today.

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