When you are searching for Boston household storage, there are an innumerable amount of companies you could work with.  So how do you choose the one that is right for you?  There are a couple things in particular that distinguish storage facilities in Boston from one another.  Don’t let choosing your residential storage in Boston stress you out.  Some things to consider are:

1)      How often will you need to access your belongings?  If you need to constantly have access to your belongings, you will want to ensure that the facility is near you or has delivery options available to you when you need them.

2)      How secure is the facility? Inquire about the security of each facility you are looking at.  Check to see if it is gated, the security codes are constantly changing and if the facility is monitored 24/7.  The facility you choose, at the very least, should have a surveillance system.

3)      How much space do you need?  If you are storing large seasonal furniture, you will need a storage facility that will be able to accommodate the furniture.  Do you need to store something larger like a car or RV while you are overseas?  Check to see if the facility can store all of your belongings with ease.

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