A crucial part of every move is packing and the packing supplies.  It’s an important part that every move relies on, but where do you get your boxes and moving supplies?  There are several options really, of which each has their own pros and cons, but in the end the best option is getting them from your local Boston moving company.

One common place people will look to get cheap boxes is grocery stores.  At first glance these seem like a great place to get boxes and save a little bit of money, but there are some hidden issues with this.  There is always the inherent risk of poor quality, dirtiness, plus the fact that it is used means that there is the possibility that the structure of the box could be compromised.  This could to lead to the worst fear while moving, a box breaks during moving and your belongings come crashing to the floor.  The other hidden danger to getting boxes from a grocery store is that the boxes might have food residue on them from the food they stock.  This residue can mold and could then get all over your belongings, making a larger headache and possibly even making you sick.

As a Boston moving company, we have heard and seen it all.  Check our blog regularly for more tips.

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