office moving in newtownWhen it comes to office moving there is no easy way about it but there are ways of making it easier.  The easiest way to keep your move in the greater Boston area is to hire a professional Newton moving company.  By having a quality and professional moving company that has the logistic resources to ensure you move goes seamlessly and quickly. boston boxless office moveOne thing that is very unique to Brookline Transportation is our specialized equipment.  One of our specialized equipment is out Spider Crane, which we are the only mover in the Boston area that has this. Now you may wonder how this piece of equipment can make a move faster and easier for you.  The spider crane allows our moving crews to move larger bulky items such as file cabinets without having to take the content and drawers out. This means less packing for you and for us it means less boxes to move.  We can then move your office faster and more efficiently, especially when you are moved in and it takes you less time for your employees to get settled in.


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