Boston Lab Movers -  Mayflower Agent - Founded in 1942 

When you are venturing into the world of Lab Transport, Chemical transport, or Biological Transport you want to know that the company performing the Lab Relocation is qualified to perform the task.

Our professional Lab Movers and Packers make moving laboratory equipment a smooth, efficient process.

Each Boston Lab Move is tailored to the labs specific needs.

Chemical Transport: We can provide qualified Chemists that are skilled in chemical compatibility, they will sort and pack the chemicals into the appropriate DOT approved containers, to insure we have no issues during transport. We follow and keep you compliant with the USDOT's regulations outlined in 49 CFR §172.101 Biological Transport: No more Packing Samples. Leave them in the Freezers. We can provide dedicated plug in service for your frozen Biological specimens. Your specimens will be hooked into a redundant power system and will arrive at destination as frosty as they were at origin        Lab Equipment Transport:

All lab equipment will be moved with care. there is plug in service available for all of your freezers and refrigerators.

All of your temperature sensitive specimens and equipment can be monitored wirelessly



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