You've finally made it to your destination and while at first it seemed like you're at the end of your journey, you'll quickly discover there's still much to be completed. The Boston residential movers at Brookline Transportation have put together a post moving checklist to help you fully complete your move smoothly and effectively. Learn more below:

·  Unpack your essentials and inspect your home – This way you know exactly what condition your home is in and that there are no glaring issues that weren't there when you purchased.

·  Set up your utilities, internet, and connect your appliances – Essentials for every home need to be squared away quickly. If you haven't already be sure to call the day you arrive.

·  Unpack and set up your home items – Unpack your belongings room by room and organize as you unpack to make it easier.

·  Clean your house and recycle packing materials – Clean the counters and vacuum the floors to remove any dust the moving process might have brought in.

·  Secure your home's new locks and locate the fuse and main water valve – For ultimate safety, change your locks and locate your fuse and water valves.

·  If you have a child or pet, take care of their needs and proof your home – This includes child proofing door handles and adding pet gates.

·  Register your vehicle, update your insurance, and change your address – Most states require you to update your information within 30 days if moving out of state. Be sure to submit a change of address with your post office so you don't miss any important mail.

·  Greet your neighbors, select schools, and get your new life in order – It's time to get settled into the neighborhood. Introduce yourself to your neighbors, select schools for your children, and organize the other odds and ends to settle in.

We offer more than just moving advice. If you're looking for attentive, streamlined moving services from reputable professionals consider the services from Brookline Transportation. Our experts provide high quality commercial and residential moving services that can be customized to fit your relocation needs. To learn more, call us or fill out our online form to request your free moving quote today.

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