That’s the only way to refer to our recent move of Delilah, a replica of an endangered North Atlantic right whale, for Whale & Dolphin Conservation of Plymouth, Massachusetts.. Fortunately, Delilah deflates. Here’s WDC’s Executive Director Regina Asmutis-Silviato to tell the story:

“To echo what Ed said, thank you, we are grateful beyond words. Delilah (the inflatable whale) was built based on the actual measurements of her namesake, an endangered North Atlantic right whale who once swam the waters of Cape Cod Bay. We debuted her recently at a school in Brockton where, over two days, we had 37 classes and more than 900 students go inside Delilah to learn about right whales. She is next slated to be the featured attraction at the New Bedford Whaling Museum’s right whale day on Monday, April 15after which she will be heading to an event in Connecticut where we will bring a whale to children who may never get to see one in real life. The small window we had to get her back to Landmark Creations to have her modified for outdoor events, without cancelling an event already in the books, was only possible because of your support- thank you!”

Regina Asmutis-Silviato

Executive Director

Whale & Dolphin Conservation