Brookline Transportation, Inc. (BTI), a Mayflower Van Lines agent specializing in commercial and residential moves, recently launched an expanded laboratory relocation division. The new division features enhanced packing, storing and transport services available for laboratory moves originating in the continental United States. 

“In the Art of War, Sun Tsu said every battle is won before it is ever fought. In our business, a successful move starts long before the actual move and, truth be told, continues after everything is delivered,” said George Rohlfing, owner of the family-owned and operated Brookline Transportation, Inc. “This is even more true with lab medical and science relocations for any number of reasons—e.g. cost of equipment, sensitivity to heat/cold, specimens, etc. That’s why each lab move has a designated project manager to plan the before, during and after.”

BTI offers a number of services to address the specific intricacies of a moves for medical, industrial and educational labs. That includes customized containers to match the size and delicacy of a particular piece of equipment. That customization also takes into consideration the temperature requirements of the equipment being shipped.

“Many lab managers require a certain temperature be sustained during the move. This is true for a lot of the expensive equipment that must be transported as well as moves that include lab samples and specimens and live animals—the proverbial and literal lab rats,” said Rohlfing. “Through prior planning with our lab relocation specialists, we can determine all these types of details from the size and dimensions of the shipping containers, temperature of the moving trucks, air freight, trucking requirements and storage facilities should we need more than a few days to complete the move.”

Said Rohlfing, “Part of that moving plan includes the development of a contingency plan should something go awry—e.g. back up power source for the trucks should there be an issue to ensure desired temperatures.”

In addition to the planning and actual move, BTI lab relocation services include coordination with facilities and IT staff at both origin and destination to ensure a smooth transition for the lab to reopen ASAP at the new location. Additionally, BTI’s lab relocation division can offer storage options on both ends of a move should the facility need time to assimilate the new lab into the building. 

For complete information on BTI’s lab relocation services, please visit or call 800-766-7724.

About Brookline Transportation, Inc. (BTI)

Since its founding in 1943, BTI has coordinated and executed thousands of commercial and residential moves throughout the greater Boston area to Cape Cod. A Mayflower franchise, BTI has the capability to conduct international and cross country relocations.

BTI’s services include: Professional Packing; Special Crating; Storage, Loading & Unloading Services, Workplace services, and Automobile Moves. For more information on Brookline Transportation services, visit call (781) 561-1033 1-800-766-7724.

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