Our First and Only Call for the Move

Exactly a year ago our worldly goods were in your hands, somewhere between Barnstable, MA, and Naples, FL. As my wife reminded me, this is our ninth house together. I had a few before that and my parents had at least a half dozen before I flew the nest. In many of those many moves we almost always waved goodbye to a big green and yellow truck with an old sailing vessel on its sides. So it was last year. The only difference was the huge difference that your company provided, starting with Jarrod on down. You provided all the service and professionalism (and so much more!) that all of your competitors can only promise (and, we know from personal, painful experience, can fall far, far short of reasonable expectations). You showed up early when we asked. You met our unusual delivery date requirements. You didn’t break anything. You didn’t lose anything. Everyone was nice, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, cheerful, obedient, trustworthy and clean! Eagle Scouts all! Our promise to you: even if we moved across the street we will call you to do it. These are not empty words; we are missing the northeast terribly and are beginning to look in the Lake George area. Once things get rolling here you will be our first and only call for the move. You and your team have earned it. Please share our gratitude and thanks to them all.